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Welcome to VFW Post 3820

The Angel of Shanvano

The Angel of Mount Shavano

Erosion gullies in the rugged flanks of 14,225-foot Mount Shavano in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains just west of Salida, Colorado, hold snow which forms the head, body, and arms of its famous "Angel."  The mountain was named for a chief of the Tabegauche band of Ute Indians. 

The Legend

 Mischievous pranks caused the God Jupiter to turn a fractious young goddess into an angel of ice, "Until some mishap or tragedy of other people moves you to tears."  She was stranded on Mount Shavano where she lived for an eternity.  From her position above the valley, she watched the Indians and the buffalo leave and the white man arrive.  The angel was content and Jupiter was pleased she no longer bothered hem.

In time, drought shriveled crops and dried the Arkansas River.  The Angel watched as people faded and died under the scorching sun - she wanted to help, but couldn't figure a way.  In frustration, she began to weep.  As tears melted her massive ice limbs, she knew Jupiter's spell was broken.  Now, she cried from joy.

Her tears rejuvenated the valley and "her" people.  You can see The Angel of Shavano every spring before she again weeps, releasing her life-giving water so people of the valley can prosper.

(Adopted from an original by Corrine Harpending)

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